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We are specialized in the construction of steel and aluminum hulls for yachts with or without the deckhouses, superstructures, parts, etc…

All of our work to be performed may include supervision of classification society such as Lloyds Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanische Lloyd, etc. .. accompanied by any welding and/or non destructive testing. We can build up a complete hull length of 40 meter, width 7.90 meters and a height of 7.50 meters or parts of the hull and/or other constructions. On the website in each section you will find images from our time at Hardinxveld-Giessendam known as “Van der Graaf Lasonderneming B.V.” and Dordrecht known as “Graafship”. Images that express more then a lot of words!



In the field of repairs, Graafship can help you in both steel and/or aluminum all to your requirements within our facility capabilities

Also repairing special steels is possible. Repairing is mostly depending on short delivery times, we always try in a good coordination with the client to achieve the deadlines for delivery, in narrow consultation with the customer and with interesting pricing.

Renew your construction

Repairing can be performed in collaboration with the classification societies and/or other competent authorities in the Netherlands accompanied by any certificates and/or testreports.


This is an area very familiar to us with a considerable experience of building sections for various types of ships, bridges, structures, pontoons, in accordance with the regulations.

In the construction market, we realized projects in special steel with a low carbon content for hoisting frames for hopper dredgers of which contains also the integration of machine parts supplied by third parties. Maybe that we can help you in the near future with this kind of work, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Over 30 years of experience

Furthermore we can perform small iron and/or aluminium works for products such as rudders, bracket, doors etc...



Graafship (in the past Van der Graaf lasonderneming B.V.), which already has a rich history at the Rivierdijk 616 at Hardinxveld-Giessendam, regarding shipbuilding and construction.

Van der Graaf lasonderneming B.V.

Started in the 80's by the family Van der Graaf. With over the years growing in business relations. Where confidence in eachother and hard work was needed for realising outstanding works.


In the 90's because of the more international principals, Van der Graaf lasonderneming B.V changed there tradename to Graafship. In 2008, Graafship decided to move to Kill 3 in Dordrecht. In this new environment we have the opportunity to build more complex projects and to provide outfitting services.

Based on our knowledge and experience we are interested to offer you several options to continue our business relation at our new location, so don't hesitate to contact us.

A variety of our customers

  • De Vries Scheepsbouw 
  • De Voogt 
  • Royal van Lent 
    (De Kaag)
  • v/h Amels Makkum 
  • v/h Verolme Heusden 
  • Scheepswerf Hardinxveld 
  • Kastelein's Recreatievaart 
  • Bos en Kalis 
  • Van Splunder funderingstechniek 
  • Scheepswerf Eltink 
  • Stemat 
  • Scheepswerf Den Breejen 
  • Ancko Ltd 
    (Isle of Man)


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